Heritage Club
NPAC Foundation is pleased to
recognize the Heritage Club!

The Heritage Club is comprised of community leaders dedicated to bringing the arts into the lives of Northshore residents of all ages. The generous support and commitment of these individuals helped bring about the construction of the Northshore Performing Arts Center, with its necessary enhancements, and it is valuable to its continued success for years to come.

Heritage Club Members
Kent and Barbara Chaplin
Jack and Judy Cornwall
Neil and Kirby Larson
Jim and Rosemary McAuliffe
John and Norma Stoutenburg
Richard and Lois Worthington

It is still possible to become a member of the Heritage Club, to help ensure a successful future for the Northshore Performing Arts Center. A pledge of $50,000 is required, and this amount can be billed annually over a period of five years. Call (425) 984-2471 to learn how you can become a Heritage Club member.