The Northshore Theatre Guild is our “supporting cast” of enthusiastic volunteers. Very few non-profit organizations could survive, much less thrive, if it were not for volunteer time, energy, and knowledge. The NPAC Foundation is no exception! ​The Guild’s mission is to support the Northshore Performing Arts Center Foundation in developing cultural enrichment for our communities. Guild members participate in a number of ways, including:

Join the Northshore Theatre Guild

- Ushering
- Public relations
- Poster distribution
- Event planning
- ​Green Room hospitality
- Lobby concession sales
- Fundraising
- And more!

​This dedicated group of volunteers has a shared purpose: to help the theatre run smoothly; to encourage community participation; to help with the raising of money; to contribute time, talent, and money; and to raise the awareness of the arts in our community. 

​The Guild generously sponsors shows each season.  Past sponsorships
​ include The Inflatable Theater Company in  2008-09, Franc D’Ambrosio’s Broadway and Kenichi Ebina: New Moves in 2009-10,  Marcia Ball & the Voice of the Wetlands Allstars and Late Nite Catechism in 2010-11, Diane Schuur and, Late Nite Catechism ‘Til Death Do Us Part”,and Capitol Steps in 2011-12, Discover PNW Talent in  2012-13, Dancing with the Northshore Stars in 2013-14 andDancing with the Northshore Stars in 2014-15.

​Mills Music in downtown Bothell hosts the Guild meetings at 11:30 am on the first Wednesday of each month in the rehearsal hall upstairs. Annual membership dues are $20. Please come and join them anytime.

​The NPAC Foundation heartily acknowledge the hard work of every member of the Northshore Theatre Guild and all of our past “supporting cast” volunteers. Thank you!

Contact the Guild
Email: TheGuild@npacf.org
​Mailing Address:
​Northshore Theatre Guild
​PO Box 2251
​Bothell WA 98041